Welcome to Rocky Town

Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby once said, “People ask me what I do in winter when there is no baseball.  I’ll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

As much as a winter without baseball bothered him, imagine my pain; when I stare out the window of my office all winter, I’m looking directly at a baseball diamond!

At last, though, baseball time is here again.  Spring Training is underway and fantasy draft preparation is (or should be) in its final stages.  Here at Citibank Ballpark, we have not spent the five months since the season ended just “staring out the window.” 

When the RockHounds begin defending their Texas League South crown on April 7, fans will get their first look at some of the exciting new themes we have created at the ballpark.  The most important change is the transformation of the park into “Rocky Town.” (Click here to listen to our new commercials: 
Preseason Commercial.mp3.) 

Last season, the club set an all-time attendance record as more than 300,000 people attended RockHounds’ games and the Texas League All-Star Game on June 30.  Since Citibank had a population more than double that of Midland in 2010, the team has made our stadium a new “city”–Rocky Town.

For three hours each night, fans will leave West Texas and visit the capital of fun and family entertainment in the Permian Basin.  Throughout the stadium, fans can travel down Line Drive and Rocky Road to their new homes (seats) to watch the game and visit with their neighbors next door.

Each area of the ballpark–such as the playgrounds, First Aid station, and contest booth–will also be redecorated and renamed to celebrate the theme.  Currently, Rocky RockHound is preparing his campaign for mayor of Rocky Town and is conducting all city affairs from his campaign headquarters inside his doghouse.  To assist him, one fan will be named “Mayor of the Week” at every Saturday night game (more details to come). 

Like any community, Rocky Town is always growing, so we will have many more exciting surprises throughout the summer.  As residents, we need you to provide your input about what you would like to see at the ballpark.

There’s no need to stare out the window any longer; it’s time for baseball!

Welcome to Rocky Town…where fun and family are all in a day’s work!

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